How it works

1. Look for the ideal hall for your event, completing the required fields (the city, the number of people expected, when the event begins and how long it takes if you need accommodation).

2. If these filters are not enough use advanced search.

3. You can save your search criteria at any time to restore it later.

4. From the list presented, choose your preferred room and book it.

5. Look for related services in the area to make a successful event.

6. Write them and get your offers.

7. From your account create an event where people can see the news.

8. Send the invitations of all potential participants to the event.

9. Keep your participants in the "loop" with the news. You can update the eveiment on the page, which will be sent to all participants.

10. Complete the event. Submit personalized feedback quizzes.

11. Archive the event.